Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Advice to Dr. Dean

Update: Ranting apology - Starting to sound like the "other", feeble excuse
"Dr. Dean made me crazy". Evidently, crazy is catching.

I received an e-mail this morning from The Democratic Party requesting a signature for a petition against Judge Alito. My response:

No thank you. Do you know you guys are sounding really nutty these days? What has happened to a great political party? We know you don't care what the voters think but if you would like to know, go to and read and learn. We need two parties! If you keep going over the cliff on every subject, the Democratic Party will not be one of them.

I will do my own research on Alito and make my own decision. I may decide I cannot support him and I may not but seeing that you guys have lost all credibility due to your "spinning", I will ignore what you have written other than finding out the real truth about his decisions and their context.

We are all not stupid, in fact, most are not that stupid. You have badly underestimated Americans if you think you can sent an e-mail with a bunch of possible half truths at best and outright lies at worst and gain any real support.

You may get lots of signatures but they are probably people who sincerely believe that they are alien abductives. You are becoming the "Coalition of the Crazies".

Please keep sending your e-mails - maybe you will finally get it or maybe you will become "humor of the day". Right now, that title goes to Ms. Boxer. For the country's sake, lets hope it is the former or 2006 will be a real killer. Free advice.

62, woman, mid-western, white, college graduate (political science, history, constitutional law), mother of 4, professional, goes to church, etc. therefore to be disregarded by the Democratic Party. WE VOTE!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


NSA Controversy

Lots of legal opinions and comments on the web but the bottom line is -

1) Who would like the President to STOP?

They say just want him to use a warrant from the FISA court. Unless, I am misunderstanding, FISA requires probable cause even after the fact which would severely limit the operation. The New York Times and the leaker have done enough to limit it.

No one wants the government listening to their private conversations but I really don't think the NSA has the man power nor inclination to monitor
all of us chatting. If a terrorist is calling anyone in this country, I want our intelligence services finding out Why!

If for any reason, it should be deemed "illegal" under FISA and the President of the United States cannot order this, then the FISA law should be struck down.

We have an election coming in 2006. I would suggest we listen closely to both
Democrats and Republicans comments during this controversy and act accordingly at the voting booth.

Protecting my granddaughters in the Washington DC area has to be more important than the "rights" of a terrorist or terrorist sympathizer , citizen or not, phone privacy with or without a warrant. What will we hear from all the Senators and House members that are incensed at NSA actions when we get hit again and the FISA court has denied continued surveillance of a terrorist due to lack of probable cause?

On writer commenting on President being the Jack Bauer President ended with -"Give me Liberty or Give me death"- Patrick Henry.
Pick death if you must but don't pick it for the rest of us.

In time of war, we need a "Jack Bauer" President - a man that is not afraid to make a decision.

Lots of good stuff out there to read and learn so forgive my ranting.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Reply to Roch101

Comment reply to e-mail comment.
I will post his comment with permission. He made an excellent point. So if you are out there Roch101, let me know.

Thanks for your opinion! I see your point that the info may have been hyped and the counter claims ignored but put yourself in a Presidents position, any President. You have just been attacked by a terrorist group and everybody claims that it could have been prevented by you or the previous President if someone had "connected the dots". Now you have at situation where there are some obvious conclusions and all the intelligence agencies in the world have reached the same conclusions with many more "dots" but there are a few naysayers. What do you do? It is kind of damned if do or damned if you don't situation. Perhaps Saddam would have not dealt with Osama but don't you think that is a little naïve.

Your car analogy is good and I respect that opinion but much of the press and politicians act like there were never any weapons or threat at any time. Saddam did have them, the weapons inspectors left a list, I read it. Are we to assume that Saddam voluntarily destroyed them? My point is that we do not know. I agree with you that he wasn't as capable as the world thought but if the CIA and so many people were sure that he didn't have them, they should have said something then, not now. Sounds like CYA to me.

Bush did try something that maybe should have not been tried - major change in the Mideast. Maybe they aren't ready to be jerked into the 21st century. Go to some mid-east blog sites and listen to the people, they will break your heart. If this works, history will see Bush in a light that many cannot envision now. If it doesn't, then Mr. Dean is right and we have failed but in my mind imposing the opportunity on 50 Million (Iraq and Afghanistan) people to be in charge of their own lives is worth it even if our knowledge and judgment was not perfect going in. At this point in time, there is little we can do for Iraq - the ball is in their court. We can stay long enough for them to establish a government, train them to defend themselves and start drawing down the troops. The insurgency will not go away with us - the Iraqis will have that fight for many years.

I am truly sorry for the soldiers that have died and been wounded. I am an "old" war protestor and political science major. We called for Johnson's resignation at the Bay of Tonkin resolution, the very beginning of Vietnam so I am not just behind this war effort because I am a conservative. There are bigger issues with this engagement, irregardless of how we got there or whether someone is a fan of this administration. Go read some of Victor Davis Hanson for some historical perspective. I appreciate that you took the time to read my blog, please send me yours. Intelligent discussion is always welcome.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Democratic Epiphany!

Letter to David Broder
Article November 27, 2005

Dear Mr. Broder,
I am continually amazed at the spinning going on in the press. In case you are just not paying attention or you think that the great unwashed masses aren't paying attention and all are afflicted with hysterical amnesia- this position has been the administration's and the DOD's position for years! I know you haven't had it explained to you properly (your comment this last Sunday's News show) but as I used to say to my children after about the 10th time explaining something that somewhere along the way you need to comprehend and if you can't do that then accept that this is the way it is.

Perhaps you need to do more reading and less writing but I suspect that ignorance is not your excuse but you fear Iraq might actually be a success and are scrambling to get on board and take credit if it goes well yet maintains your cover in the event things go bad.

You are saying, I am sure, that my words must be ignored due to the fact that I must be a Republican, or a right wing Christian, or a maybe a woman or any number of reasons none of which may even be true but you guys are on the wrong side of history in this matter of Iraq. Some of you have been running with 1/2 truths and illogical conclusions for so long I think you are starting to believe them.

You are wrong in one respect, although many people in this country believe anything anybody says at any given time may be true but most are skeptical and not nearly as stupid as you seem to think. Although I do not agree with Sen. Murtha, at least he had the good sense to state that he had changed his mind not just pretending he didn't say things or the devil made him do it. Democrats and some Republicans, and most journalist have sincerely underestimated their audience. We are not desperate, ignorant people that can be manipulated with propaganda from either the left nor the right. We are not like geese "who wake up in a new world every morning". Pandering to the lowest common denominator and assuming we will never even notice is pretty insulting to most Americans.

If you need a poll to guide you, perhaps you need to have a poll on how the public perceives the spinning and rewriting of events that are a matter of public record. Our press is really really important and you guys seem to have forgotten that principle. Bush will be gone in a couple of years and you need to consider what will be your position then when you have no focal point for your spin and your credibility is completely shot. A few hysterical Republicans can tell you that just hatred and spinning for a particular President does not wear well. Mr. Clinton is now probably the most popular politician in history. Not because we have amnesia but we have had time to put his good, bad, truth, lies and exaggeration into perspective.

We don't ask a lot but your article was really insulting - a Democratic Epiphany to lead the way out of Iraq! If you cannot be honest with your readers, at least be honest with yourself. Have a good day and I am quite sure this will not be read because it is more information that you really want to know.

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Letter to The Weekly Standard

First, let me thank you for your work and the information and opinions your magazine gives.

Several questions about the Iraq war never seem to make it to print.

1) Just because we have been unable to find WMDs doesn't mean they never existed in the first place. I have read the documentation of what was left after the weapon's inspsectors retreated in'98 and either the weapons inspectors lied or they existed. It is totally illogical to make such an assumtion such as "Since I can't find something, therefore it follows that it never existed." Something happened to them - we may not have the answer and may never have the answer- that doesn't mean there is not an answer.

My children, when they were small, used to say when they couldn't find a toy that is just "dista-apeared" so I guess those WMDS just "dista-apeared". I guess when I lost my car keys and was unable to find them that I should assume that I never had a car.

That sounds trite but I assure you, I am middle America and I have never heard one real person make such a silly argument. Only journalists and politicians can make arguments that never have to be addressed.

2) Other than Victor David Hanson, no one seems to consider the alternative to Iraq or Afganistan. No matter how you cut it, 50 million people's lives have changed for the better, even the Taliban and Sunnis. They may never acknowlege it but their children will.

Everytime I hear a liberal say that the war and the lives lost simply weren't worth it - I hear my brother's words - "Those ragheads are nothing and they never will be anything but nothing...". A very strange position for a liberal.

But even if the liberals are correct and they are nothing and have no value and cannot ever appreciate self determination (a position that is unacceptable), the war against Islamic extremist must be won and unfortunatly this war in Iraq and it's repercussions in the entire middle east is probably the only way to do it.
Thanks again for your insight and information.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Shouting In the Wind

Letter Eugene Robinson
Article Washington Post

Dear Mr. Robinson,

I have a question that no one seems to ever answer. Why is the "right" to an abortion due to "privacy" so important to the Democrats and liberals?

I have been researching genealogy for my husband's family who were Southerners. In looking through the census records, they sadly record pages and pages of human beings without names, recorded as property. Dairies state that the North was interfering with their way of life, their convenience, their privacy, their property, etc. They discoursed on these "people of color" were not quite the same as "white" human beings. Now, in ignorance I believe, the same claim is being made but this time on the grounds of age or time of birth. It is not a religious argument to me - it is a civil rights issue.

Science is discovering new information every day on the status of the pre-born fetus, baby, or pick your own word. I predict, the day will come when the arguments on the floor of the Senate by Democrats in the defense of a woman's right to choose will be regarded as barbaric as those Democrats who defended the rights of the Southern States to consider their human chattel, property, due to the fact that the people in question weren't equal. The popularity of an opinion does not make it right, just politically correct to the people that hold it.

Roe vs. Wade must overturned at some point in time on merit. Abortion will never be abolished as law, as a matter of practically, but it may be severely limited. If abortion on demand is a valid constitutional argument, proponents need to find another justification other than a woman's right to control over her own body and the property it contains. I believe that issue was resolved in 1865.

The Southern States were "pro-choice". The womb of the South contained their property, these not quite human persons, and as such, they could do as they pleased with their property. The country was physically divided as to Slave States and Free States. Our political chiasm on the subject of abortion is hauntingly similar even in the terminology.

I know pro-choice is the politically correct position for some at this time in history. I asked this question to another journo and her response was "how dare you compare the rights of a fetus with slavery?" Why not, slavery was a terrible time in our history. It triggered a civil war that killed hundred of thousands and devastated the nation. We need to talk about it. I assure you, the proponents used exactly the same arguments to justify slavery then as abortion advocates use now. Living in the South in 1959-1960, I got that "How Dare You Compare...." a lot as a 16 year old as "that stupid Yankee white girl" living in Alabama questioning the status quo of race relations. I was not heroic but puzzled by what I saw and heard. To me, their views were totally illogical and doomed. The South was wrong in 1860 and wrong in 1960.

Science may prove that these pre-born entities have no value as humans, being merely tissue, therefore having no rights until that first breath of life and until that moment, their "owners" have the sole right to determine if they live or die. You will have to admit, it has taken a really long time for some to give up certain myths about Americans with African ancestry. The fallacy of these myths have damaged an entire people and been used by racists as justification for their actions.

Just maybe, we need an Abolitionist on the court.
Keep an open mind. Think about it.

Scoll down the page for more abortion issues:
Further Thoughts and Letter to Dionne on No recommendation for John Robert.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


"Stuck on Stupid"

Letter to Washington Post
"Stop, Children, What's That Sound"
Article by Eugene Robinson

Mr. Robinson,
There was such a note of glee in your article, it was hard to tell if you were serious in your conclusions.

1. We cannot just pull out of Iraq - whether you agree with how we got there or not. The chaos that would ensue from a premature pullout would be horrific. I could give you some facts but you would not get it, I'm sure.

2. You may consider that bunch of crazies, many who looked as if they were left over from the Vietnam era, are mainstream America but they are not, I assure you. Maybe you need to get out more.

3. You made the statement that the evacuation plans for NO or any city were the responsibility of the Feds, more specifically Bush. You really want a President, from either party, that has to micromanage all facets of state and local government. That is totally unrealistic and illogical. Obviously, you have never been to LA - the state has been the pits since reconstruction. AL and MS didn't have the same problems nor did FL, hit by 4 in 2004. The storm and flooding were terrible but much of the aftermath could have been mitigated if the LA and NO authorities had had their act together. I imagine if a Katrina had hit Seattle area, no one would be having this conversation.

4. As for no bid contracts for the clean up and some of the reconstruction. Do you propose that it wait until the architects and engineers create plans and specifications in order to bid the work because that is what is required to "bid" construction. I have spent most of my life in the cost end of construction, estimating, etc.

Those jobs will be bid most likely cost plus a fee, the fee is the bid part. Work like this is done all over the world because you cannot wait for months and years for plans to be produced. I assure you when you submit for payment for a government project, it requires reams of paper and documentation to prove your billing. You want competitive bidding? How about leaving that mess on the Gulf Coast for 2-3 years. As for "throwing money" at the problem because of the deficit, what would you propose - not rebuilding at all.
What if Bush would have announced that the situation was that we couldn't afford to help them rebuild. You would have had a fit. You cannot have it both ways.

5. Government bureaucracy in getting anything done did not start with Bush nor will it end with a Democrat in the White House. It just is. Just go down and try to get a building permit to finish your basement. It might be a good experience for you.

But you would just blame Mr. Bush, I'm sure. He will only be in office a few more years and you will have a new person to blame or excuse if her name happens to be Hillary or another Democrat.

What did Churchill say about liberals? Something like -If you are a conservative at 20, you have no heart. If you are a liberal at 40, you have no brain. I am sure you wouldn't have liked him either.

I envy you living in your bubble where it is not necessary to know anything or know how to do anything or have a clue how things do get done. Must be really nice. When you get that basement done, let me know.

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Further Thoughts

My letter to Mr. Dionne on his objection to Judge Roberts may have missed my point, especially about abortion. With Roe vs. Wade, abortion on demand with certain modifications that seem to not ever be implimented, the issue of privacy has been taken to the extreme in that the woman's right over her body is superior to any right of an unborn child she might be carrying.

My position is that the concept these blobs of tissue are not human life with any rights until they are born seems primative. I think that science is proving these pre-born, un-born, fetus, are very complex life forms at early stages of development. What about the premature children that survive at less than a pound? What happens when the premature survival rate hits the 4-5-6 month mark - the legal limit for abortion could be pushed back into the 12 week range? It will become more evident that these "abortions" outside of medical necessity will create a situation where a woman's right and a child's right become a constitutional question.

Individual privacy is necessary but where is the line where one individuals right imposes upon another? As long as pro-choice can make the claim that a fetus is not "another" therefore having individual no rights, it will remain as an issue but I predict when science progresses another 20 years, even the most determined activist will have to make concessions.

I lived in the South as a teen during the late 50's just prior to the civil right movement. The white southerners I met were decent people but they just could not see that Blacks were really equal human beings. Some of their arguments were very similar to the pro-choice advocates. These memories came rushing forward when Osama B. made the comment to Condi Rice that the amazing thing is that they were both there.

Some 45 years later, I would love to visit Gadsden, AL with some old friends that were so positive that the "Nigras" (that was the term - not the same as the n word) just could not become anything more than people that could only do menial tasks and it was their job to keep them in that position to take care of them. I would guess that some are the same but most will have accepted the changes as good - much like Senator Byrd. We still have much to do in promoting equality but no one can say that great progress has not been made.

I feel the same will happen with the abortion issue. As the public becomes more informed about the status of the "un-born" they will come to see that abortion should be a limited option. The current proponents will sound more and more shrill much as those old southern Democratic Senators and Governors did in their argument that rights of the Whites and their traditions were more important then the rights of the Blacks in the South.

That's my opinion for today.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Daily Rant

I have been trying to keep my postings to important items that I think about and need an outlet for my opinions but today ...I am so tired of stupid people I could scream.

It only causes contention to argue with the men in my house but the poor things are completely mechanically challanged and they get really upset to keep trying to do simple carpentry, get the lawnmower, weedeater, vacumn... they could break an anvil but after 42 years of being Miss Fixit, I have elected to shut up and let them try. I just can't is hard enough just listening to the banging, things droping, motors grinding, and sudden silences down stairs while I type away in my office upstairs.

Tomorrow, when they are all out of the house, I will see what I can salvage from the breakage. They had 2 tasks 1) mow the lawn 2) put the desk in NO.3 son's room - that's all. So far nothing has been accomplished in 6 hr. of their effort. Now these are not unintelligent people. One is an civil engineer (perhaps that is the problem), one is an iron worker, and one is a computer tech type.

My husband, when the twins turned 6, got bicycles for their birthday. He had a large group of "left over" screws, bolts, misc. peices including the brake mechanism missing - I stayed up much of the night putting those bikes together and now that they are 36, he has not made any progress although I have not let him touch much in the last thirty years.

One day I said, " What would you do if I died?" He jokingly responded that he would just get a new wife at the local vo-tech. They have one thing in common, they refuse to look at instructions or even use minimiual common sense but together they can and have built great structures - they seem to know those plans are important, thank god.

I guess everybody can't be good at everything but I have the firm conviction that one should recognise their limitations and let the people with the talent or expertise do the task. I think egos get in the way in their efforts-men are supposted to be good at household fixit stuff. Thats not an opinion just what drives me nuts with the men in my life.

I have one daughter, married with two children and out of the 4, she is the only one to have the gift of putting things together, fixing things, etc. but she married a man who thinks he can do things and just like his father in law slams, bams and breaks. I wish her well and Lord give her patience and the wisdom to either fix it herself or call a repairman before he discovers it is broken.

Monday, September 19, 2005


In Response - Letter to Dionne on Roberts

Mr. Dionne,
Why didn't you just say what you meant? Unless Judge Roberts had unequivocally stated that he would never write an opinion that would jeopardize Roe vs. Wade, the death penalty, right to die, same sex marriage, racial quotas, etc. that you would advise a NO vote. These are complex issues if you had not noticed. The Right to Privacy is implied in the Constitution but how far you take the concept depends on the point your privacy impedes someone's else rights. That's the reason we need an independent judiciary to define those fine lines or necessarily overturn previous erroneous opinions such as those that impacted civil rights. Senators Schumer, Biden, and Kennedy sounded really silly in their pomposity especially in their obsession with the abortion issue.

You and the Senators seem to believe that the most important issue for women in America is this "right" to terminate any pregnancy they deem inconvenient at any point along the way. I know the argument is we can not revert to back ally abortions, rape, serious medical problems, failure of birth control or any common sense reason that most people could agree upon. I concur but if these abortions were the only ones performed in the last 20 plus years, there may have been 100's of thousands or not millions of abortions performed. The primary reason for most abortion is that it has become a barbaric form of birth control. Does the right to privacy extend to no expectation of responsibility for anything anyone wishes to do and have no consequences. We certainly don't extend this right to drunk drivers yet you would have us believe a woman's right to control over her own body, being private, includes killing the life that results from these private actions.

The most important thing that you and all the senators above do not understand, not being women, that the most important "right" or opportunity a woman has that makes her unique to men is the ability to have children. Just check out the amount of money spent on fertility procedures per year, the long waiting lists for adoptions, the trips to foreign countries each year in an effort to have one of these little people in their lives. Having children is truly inconvenient at anytime! Babies are work but a true inconvenience is a two year old. Having twin two year olds was really the pits. Those twins are successful adults who have supplied me with some more troublesome children. One was handed to me soon after he was born from a mother that regretted her decision not to abort but she needed him for immigration purposes. He was really inconvenient as I was 55 and a full time professional. He is now 7 and a delight to all, even his mother who at first regretted her decision not to abort. I am fully aware that all unwanted children stories don't end well but if people like you would recognize that more emphasis on birth control education, helping women to find adoptive homes for children they don't wish to have or are not ready to rear, etc. would be more honest and helpful to society that ranting on and on about this "supposed right", real social progress might be made.

These woman already have "the right to choose" from dozens of forms of safe and effective birth control. They also have the right to choose self control. If they cannot do either and have no desire for children, they can choose sterization in lieu of a series of abortions.

When society catches up with science this will all be a mute point. Fifty years from now, you will be on the wrong side of history in your opinion. They may even refer to it as the Holocaust of Ignorance. Individuals of the future will read you and your favorite senators' words and liken you to the people who justified slavery. After all, "nigras" weren't really people either. I am sure these words will fall on deaf ears because you and those like you feel that anyone who disagrees with you must be 100% wrong but the descendants of my unwanted Brennen will read about people like you and yours in college and be stunned by your arguments. Do you sincerely wish your legacy as a journalist will be with those that justified and supported WW2 internment camps or southern Democrats who held up civil rights for decades, who no doubt believed their arguments and many were sincere but completely wrong. Reading those journalists and politicians now makes one wonder, what were these people thinking? Most will excused that they were men of their time and they just didn't know any better. The interesting point about these future scenarios is that they will happen whether you see it or not. Think about it.

( I am sure no one read this letter or if they did, they hit the delete button but
it needed to be said.)

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